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The Metamorphic Dress: it’s CANGIARI’s Fashion Revolution


CANGIARI issues the challenge of convertible items in the new modular capsule designed by Denise Bonapace. A clothing convertibility where garments change shape through a special repositioning of details, making and unmaking them, with an always new identity. A handloom sash on an organic silk skirt, can become a belt or a top, transforming the outfit in an evening dress. A metamorphic dress.


CANGIARI FW 2018-19: Capsule Collection

CANGIARI FW 2018-19 - Ph Ivan Genasi

Research of details and innovation of hand-loom weaving are the basis of the capsule CANGIARI in 2018 by Denise Bonapace.

Warm yarns of organic wool and alpaca wool play with attractive colours, like turquoise, green and orange. They create embossing effects and light up black or beige textiles with colour spots.