Internoitaliano presenta Cirò

Internoitaliano presents Cirò, the collection of cushions designed by Denise Bonapace and made by Cangiari. CANGIARI (nominated for the Compasso d'Oro 2018), a brand of GOEL - Gruppo Cooperativo, is the first ethical high-end Italian fashion brand, which has decided to take part in the Internoitaliano project. CANGIARI, which means “to change” in the dialect of Calabria, revives the age-old tradition of hand weaving of Grecanic and Byzantine origin, and stands out for rigorous ethical practices (organic materials, fair trade supply chains, social commitment).
“The cushion is the only form in the world that combines the stability of the square and the fullness of the sphere. Any approach to this object winds up taking on affective tones: it suggests the idea of the cheeks of a human face, containing smiles, blushes, flavors, clenched teeth.” This is the idea that has inspired Denise Bonapace to design a cushion by focusing on simple but essential details, like the pocket that “contains,” positioned on the surface and underscored by precious “a Pitteja” handloom weaving. Also a distinctive feature of the Cangiari fashion collections, the “a Pitteja” design, obtained by weaving threads of different sizes and types, has Byzantine origins in the square form that suggests a Greek cross, with an idea of femininity and the protection offered by the family, symbolized by the closed motif.
The Cirò collection comes in two chromatic versions: one focusing on tones of blue and green, the other on warmer shades of orange. All the yarns, dyes and fabrics are organic, made with total respect for the environment.
CIR.AR/01 50x30cm detail 14x3 cm
CIR.AR/02 50x50cm pocket 15x20 cm
CIR.AR/03 50x50cm pocket 35x50 cm
CIR.BL/01 50x30cm detail 14x3 cm
CIR.BL/02 50x50cm pocket 15x20 cm
CIR.BL/03 50x50cm pocket 35x50 cm
50% organic linen (LI)
35% organic virgin wool (WO)
15% alpaca (WP)
Woven by hand
80% organic cotton (CO)
17% extra fine Merino wool (WO)
3% alpaca (WP)
100% organic cotton (CO)