CANGIARI: the poetic beauty that grows out from the street

From February 27th to March 5th CANGIARI kicks off the commercial campaign in Paris at number six, in Rue Saint Claude. After London and Milan, the ethical fashion CANGIARI arrives in Paris to present the collection FW 2014-15 .
The FW 2014 collection is the result of CANGIARI's creative community led by Paulo Melim Andersson. It has a strong character, urban, practical and emotional at the same time.

The muse of the collection is "Gelsomina," the homeless poetic protagonist of Fellini's masterpiece "The Road”, from which emerges, this paraphrased message “Everything and everyone we serve in something and no one is useless in this world." It consists of a small number of coats and jackets in organic boiled wool and alpaca, which are embellished with handcrafted embroideries and, moreover, with unique patches, some refined inserts, made with handloom, that are methodically arranged on garments. Craft fabrics are enhanced with valuable fibers, such as cashmere. "The style of this collection quotes the dreamlike atmosphere of the circus, that inspires embroideries, which characterize the garments, to which is added a touch of grunge romanticism," says Paulo Melim Andersson. In the matter of colors, in addition to the purity of the black / white contrast, the tones of the undergrowth winter: green, brown and soft pink. Most of the garments are reversible, some are also in unisex version, available in a limited edition, according to the artisanal production of textiles.